Unfortunately, not everyone obeys the Court's orders. As a result, it is often necessary to file a contempt action to encourage an ex-spouse to follow the court's order.

In order to be held in "contempt", a party must be in willful disobedience of the court's decree. Only a judge can decide whether a party is in contempt. Often the Court will allow a party to purge themselves of contempt by paying a certain dollar amount immediately and adhering to a strict repayment schedule. In extreme cases, a party may be incarcerated for failing to abide by the Court's order.

Sometimes, a party has legitimate reasons for not paying support obligations. In these cases, the court may decide the a person is in "arrears" but not in contempt. Relief, may still be granted in the form of a repayment schedule.

If your ex-spouse has failed to abide by the court's order, a contempt action should be considered. Alternatively, if you are the victim of financial problems or a litigious ex-spouse, you need to properly defend yourself.

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