Bankruptcy & Divorce

Divorce and personal bankruptcy can each be complicated, however the combination is almost certain to be a very complex matter. Because every situation is unique, the only way to accurately determine your options, opportunities and risks is to consult with an attorney who is experienced in complicated divorce and bankruptcy cases.

Common divorce related questions:

Can I discharge debts that the divorce court ordered me to pay?

  • Is the debt a "domestic support obligation"?
  • Is the debt a "property settlement"?
  • Who gets to determine the nature of the debt?
  • My divorce decree says the debt is a "property settlement," can I challenge that?

Are my divorce related debts treated differently under different chapters of the Bankruptcy Code?

There is a contempt case pending in my divorce related case, what happens if I file bankruptcy?

I was awarded property in my divorce, my ex-spouse filed bankruptcy. Do I get to keep the property?

  • Was the property already transferred?
  • Is the language in the divorce decree sufficient to transfer the property?
  • Was the property award the result of a settlement negotiation or a trial?
  • How long ago was the property transferred?

My ex-spouse filed bankruptcy, what happens to the money I am owed?

How do I protect my rights as a creditor in my ex-spouse’s bankruptcy case?

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Bankruptcy Courts

Atlanta Federal Court
75 Ted Turner Drive, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Directions & Information

Rome Federal Court
600 East 1st Street
Rome, GA 30161
Directions & Information

Gainesville Federal Court
121 Spring Street SE
Gainesville, GA 30501
Directions & Information

Newnan Federal Court
18 Greenville Street
Newnan, GA 30263
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